Kaohsiung City Councilor Lin Zhihong revealed that Ke Zhien blocked the forward-looking budget.

(Provided by Lin Zhihong)

[Reporter Cai Qinghua/Kaohsiung Report] KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ke Zhien's past of "blocking the future" was revealed, and it became more and more serious. The schedule and funds were completely cut in half”, and it was even pointed out that “the track construction budget needs to be adjusted”, and the ineffective implementation of the water control budget during the Kuomintang’s ruling period was used as a reason to question the “track construction capacity” and hindered Kaohsiung with “blocking the foresight”. Progress, almost caused the MRT Yellow Line and other major constructions to be aborted. The evidence is overwhelming. Ke Zhien should apologize to all Kaohsiung citizens for his unreasonable boycott back then.

Lin Zhihong restored the Legislative Yuan meeting on July 5, 2017. Ke Zhien made a speech when deliberating the "Special Regulations on Prospective Infrastructure Construction". Comparing the two things that are irrelevant, it is simply the opposite, and the donkey is at the end of its rope. It even clamors that "I hope that the funds and schedule can be completely halved", "the budget for green energy construction and track construction needs to be adjusted", completely ignoring Kaohsiung. Citizens are eagerly looking forward to the MRT construction.

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Nine hours later, the bill passed the third reading. Ke Zhien actually said, "The Kuomintang failed to fully return the forward-looking bill. We failed to achieve the expected goal, so we can only sincerely apologize." "All my colleagues are sleeping in the Legislative Yuan. , everyone has a very strong will, that is, to cut the amount of the forward-looking project in half, and the schedule in half." He said three times with excitement, "I'm sorry! We only help you block 450 billion yuan!"

Lin Zhihong criticized Ke Zhien for ignoring the hard work of the Gaoshi government to fight for the "MRT Yellow Line", "MRT Gangshan Road Bamboo Extension Line", "Marine Technology Industrial Park", "Fun Tech Somatosensory Technology Park" and a total of NT$182.3 billion Yuanzhi's major construction, using malicious boycotts to carry out the party's will and political goals, is her indelible "black history", and she even pointed out that if the Kuomintang succeeded in the past, these construction funds would "go away"!