Acting Director of the Department of Prevention in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Beatrice Mtayoba has asked all health officials in Dodoma to manage environmental sanitation to reduce the transmission of epidemic diseases by 70 percent.

Dr. Mtayoba said this in the city when he visited the Bonanza Market in Chamwino Ward accompanied by the Mayor of Dodoma, Professor Davis Mwamfupe, Chamwino Ward Councillor, Jumanne Ngede, health officials and cleaning in the market area.

Mtayoba cleaned with the businessmen and citizens of those areas to celebrate the national environmental cleaning week which started on November 15 and its peak will be tomorrow.

He wanted the officials to manage cleanliness by ensuring that there is a sanitary infrastructure at all market places in institutions, households and good toilet infrastructure for people to use as well as setting up infrastructure for washing hands with running water and soap.

In addition, he insisted that the officers manage cleanliness around 500 households, in ditches, institutions in schools and ensure that everyone at least five meters around their area is clean as well as providing education to citizens using the media.

"The days we set aside on Saturdays for cleaning, we have health officials, we have ward officials, but each area of ​​the city has its own.

"Every place we pass, there is someone who has it.

For example, here in front of this shop, there is a terrace that the shop owner now manages.

"If we manage it well, we will find that even those Saturday jobs at the end of the month, will not be heavy," he said.

He said sanitation is everything because even cholera is always caused by not having a clean environment.

On his part, the Mayor of Dodoma, Professor Davis Mwamfupe, asked all the traders in the market whose shops have a terrace in front of them and have placed culverts to take them out, instead they should install metal bridges as the culverts make waste hide underneath and fail to clean.

"All the people who put the culverts in the ditches should be broken, the leaders here should make sure that by Saturday when we pass again, they should be broken instead, put those metal bridges so that we can pass the garbage down," he said.

Despite this, Professor Mwamfupe said the Dodoma City Council has entered into an agreement with a company from Zimbabwe whose aim will be to process waste and obtain gas and fertiliser.

And the Councilor of the ward, Jumanne Ngede said cleanliness is the responsibility of every citizen and promised to continue cleaning as they did yesterday.