In Yancheng District, Kaohsiung, one candidate surnamed Xu was taken into custody, and the other three candidates were hurriedly dismissed.

(Photographed by reporter Huang Liangjie)

[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] The village chief Xu and his wife in a certain mile in Yancheng District, Gaoshi City, were suspected of persuading 36 relatives and friends to move their household registrations to his constituency. The couple were detained because there are 21 mile districts in Yancheng District. , three of the candidates for the chief of the village were all male candidates with the surname Xu. The innocent candidates for the chief of the surname Xu confessed themselves, fearing that they would be misled by their opponents or misunderstood by voters, which would affect the election.

The candidate surnamed Xu who was suspected of persuading relatives and friends to move their household registrations to become a ghost population, and his wife surnamed Liu were both detained because of the fear of colluding confessions. They were unable to come out to canvass and ask for votes. There are residents in the district who are a male candidate for village chief named Xu, who are suspicious. Many "candidate Xu for village chief" are troubled and self-identified. Some candidates shouted "it's not me" on their Facebook pages!

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In Gangduli, Jiaorenli, Ciaili, and Luqiaoli of Yancheng District, there are all candidates with the surname Xu. Among them, the current head of Xu in Luqiaoli is a woman, and the other three villages all have male candidates with the surname Xu. In order to avoid being misunderstood or even being maliciously manipulated by opponents, candidates for Lizhang Xu in Yancheng District must emphasize "my wife's surname is not Liu", "I am not detained", and "it's not me" when calling for votes.

Xu Furen, a candidate for the head of Jiaoren Village, simply stated in a FBpo article, "Who is so bad-hearted and wants to lead this matter to me? My surname is Xu, but I am worthy of my surname and do not insult my ancestors...Innocence is My highest moral standard", and finally did not forget to solemnly introduce that his wife's surname is "Wang", not "Liu". For a while, the candidate for village chief in Yancheng District, surnamed Xu, became insecure and hurriedly dismissed clear.