Famous Hollywood actress

Denise Richards

, together with her husband

Aaron Feipers

, came under fire.

Unknown people opened fire on the car of the star of the films "And the whole world is not enough" and "Starship Trooper", when she was driving with her husband to a TV studio in Los Angeles.

The incident happened on Tuesday, November 15.

According to TMZ, Richards was in the passenger seat and her husband was driving.

A car followed them, the driver of which was very nervous.

When Phipers failed to find a seat, the helmsman started shouting.

The husband of the actress missed his car, but another aggressive driver was driving behind them.

He suddenly pulled out a gun and shot at the star couple's car.

The bullet hit the back of the car on the driver's side.

Fortunately, none of the spouses was injured.

In the end, the actress and her husband got to the set, but the situation caused a lot of stress in Richards, so she kept crying.

Later, the artist managed to control her emotions and continued to work after the incident.

Denise Richards with her husband / Photo: Associated Press

Meanwhile, one of Denise's colleagues at the studio saw a bullet hole in the couple's Ford Shelby F-150 pickup truck and called the police.

Denise and Aaron were escorted home from the filming for security purposes by a policeman.

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