Three men were arrested for beating.

(Photographed by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Early this morning in Fengyuan District, Taichung City, there was a fight between young couples due to emotional disputes. The 17-year-old Dong Nan and the same age Huang Nv were originally lovers, but they still had entanglements after they broke up.

In the early morning of this morning, Huang Nv led 3 young boyfriends to help out, and had a quarrel with Dong Nan in the negotiation. Huang Nv and other 4 people punched and kicked Dong Nan. Dong Nan was outnumbered and was beaten to the ground.

The Fengyuan police immediately activated the fast-fighting force after receiving the report, and within 2 hours arrested Huang Nv and other 4 suspected perpetrators, brought them to the case, and transferred them to the investigation office.

According to the police investigation, the brawl happened around 00:00 today. Some people reported that there were disputes and fights at the intersection of Tong'an Street and Huiyang Street in Fengyuan District. The victim had fled the scene, and Dong Nan was found lying on the ground with injuries, and was sent to Fengyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for treatment. The police reviewed the monitor screens, identified the suspects involved, and arrested four suspected perpetrators including Huang Nv within 2 hours. case.

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After understanding, it was caused by the emotional dispute between the ex-boyfriend and because three of Dong Nan’s friends smashed the car of Huang’s friend’s friend, the police also investigated and dealt with it according to the law, and arrested the three suspects of the car smashing within one hour. , and in accordance with the Regulations on the Prevention of Organized Crime and the Criminal Law for crimes such as gathering a crowd to fight, hurt, and damage, 7 people involved in the two parties were transferred to the investigation office.

Dong's boyfriend smashed Huang's girlfriend's car.

(Photographed by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)