The management of Rabitabank held a meeting with the families of veterans and martyrs who participated in the 1st Karabakh War and the Patriotic War.

The main heroes of the video prepared by Rabitabank on November 8 - Victory Day took part in this meeting, which was held with the participation of the 1st Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Board of Directors, Orhan Gültekin.

For your information, we would like to inform you that the video prepared by Rabitabank on November 8 - Victory Day was met with great interest on social media.

The main plot line of the video called "Father's Will" is about how fathers who were veterans of the 1st Karabakh War raised their children in a patriotic spirit and the bravery they showed to free our lands from occupation in the Patriotic War.

At the meeting, under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief, the liberation of our lands from the enemy by our Glorious Army, the heroism of our soldiers was proudly discussed, and it was said that the 30-year occupation and longing had ended.

"As Rabitabank, we always stand by the families of martyrs and veterans of Karabakh, we support them.

You are the main reason for the victory won today, the feeling of pride experienced by the whole country.

We are proud of each of you and honor our martyrs."

said Orhan Gültekin.

The management of the bank also emphasized that Rabitabank, which is always loyal to its values, always supports its customers, families of martyrs and veterans, as well as war participants during the war and its aftermath.

At the end of the meeting, valuable gifts were presented to the heroes of the "Father's Testament" video.

To watch the video: