Russia will never run out of missiles, this must be understood by all Ukrainians.

They continue to produce some rockets slowly, but production continues.

This was stated by military and political commentator Oleksandr Kovalenko on the air of the TV channel "Freedom".

In his opinion, the Russian Federation will not win the so-called "infrastructural war" with Ukraine, because our state has a highly developed technical and technological component and has the ability to restore destroyed objects.

"It's like at one time the Russians fought with the railway, and for almost a month shelled the railway junctions. But then they gave up because they realized that it didn't make sense. Now they are acting more zealously, because this is the element of terror that they are betting on - leave Ukrainians without electricity, communication, heating, water supply," says the expert.

Kovalenko is sure that Russia will never run out of missiles.

"This must be understood. There are missiles that are really running out - these are Soviet stocks, for example, the Kh-22, which we have not seen them use for several months. As for other missiles: Kh-101, "Kalibr", Kh-59, Kh -555, "Iskanders" - the Russians have them. They produce missiles and can do it, but in very limited quantities. The production of missiles in the Russian Federation has degraded over the years of sanctions. And now it is even more slowed down, because it depends on smuggled supplies of spare parts." - says the observer.

He assumes that the Russian Federation can produce two or three missiles a week.

"In addition, they still have intact reserves. They began to use them. However, these reserves are also not inexhaustible. For example, last month they had 120 units of Iskanders. This is less than at the beginning of the war, when they had more than 600 " Iskanderiv". That is why the reserves really became less, but they did not run out," Kovalenko concluded.

Rocket terror of the Russian Federation

We will remind you that the last massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine was carried out by the occupiers on Tuesday, November 15.

The Russians fired 90 missiles at Ukraine.

Air defense forces shot down 70 of them.

On November 17, the Russian Federation struck the city of Dnipro.

According to the latest data,

 14 people were injured


Among them is a 15-year-old child.

Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, believes that the invaders fired precisely because the G20 summit was taking place that day.

Expert Oleksandr Kovalenko warned that Russia may soon receive Iranian ballistic missiles and use them to launch strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

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