13 November 2022, a major tourist street in Istanbul, Turkey, is hit by a bomb that kills 6 people and injures 81. Turkey arrests 46 suspects, including a woman.

which was confirmed to be the person who dropped the bomb before escaping

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Turkey, whose main income is from tourists, has been in dire straits.

After the COVID-19 subsided, tourists began to come.

But experiencing the bombing incident, tourists are still reluctant to visit

Putin sent a message of condolence to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, highlighting his close cooperation with Turkish ally.

in the fight against all forms of terrorism

The United States sent a message of condolence.

But Turkey's Interior Minister Zuleiman Soylu said Turkey had received a message.

But it will not accept and reject the US embassy in Turkey's condolences.

Turkey says behind the bombing was the Kurdish militant YPG, part of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK. Before the US blacklisted the PKK as a terrorist organization, behind it,

The United States provides the YPG with weapons, training, and air support. There are close contacts between the YPG and military organizations in Washington, D.C.

Turkey did not accept condolences.

Maybe it's because they see that the United States is hypocritical.

They said they were a terrorist organization.

but in reality

The United States backed them.

to attack the people of Turkey

the policies of the western powers

They do not want peace and harmony in the Middle East.

Kurds are an ethnic group with a total population of about 30 million people spread across four Middle Eastern countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

trying to unite to fight for the republic of Kurdistan

I know quite a bit about this because since 2001, many Iraqi Kurds have come to stay at my house.

several months at a time

(He just passed away in 2021) despite being Iraqi.

But this person spoke highly of the United States.

He told me many times.

The United States promised to establish a new country in the Middle East for the Kurds. In addition, I am also a friend of the Kurds on many pages.

Some pages are Kurdish Alliance pages in North America.

It is written to be easy to understand.

The Kurdish move to rebuild the country is in the Middle East, but the center and headquarters are in the United States.

Turkey and the Kurds have been fighting for more than 40 years, with at least 40,000 killed. Kurdish leaders such as Abdullah Erjalan have been jailed in Turkey. In Turkey since 1999, the Kurds and Turkey have negotiated many times.

but failed every time

There has never been an agreement

The Turkish government also banned Kurdish minority schools located in Turkey from teaching Kurdish.

There are political parties that support Kurdish elections.

Party leaders are often charged with terrorism.

Every time Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria fight, the Kurds are involved.

caused by Kurdish

Kurds live in northern Iraq.

which is the border with Iran

The Kurds have always brought a lot of trouble to Iraq.

Iraq then shouts that Iran's support is behind the Kurds.

accuses Iran of instigating Kurdish war against Iraq

Iran too has shouted to the world that Iraq has brutally defeated the Kurds.

They even poured yellow rain, a dangerous chemical, into Kurdish villages.

Turkey is another country with top spies.

Not accepting condolences from the United States this time

I think it's because Turkey knows how to see the nation.

that the United States backs terrorist organizations.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai