Rao Qingling, candidate for Taitung county magistrate, expressed his political views.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] KMT Taitung County Mayor candidate Rao Qingling held a TV political opinion meeting held by the County Election Committee today, talking about leading the county government team in the past four years, not only solving the two major cases in Taitung, Meili Bay and the incineration plant, but also giving priority to Promote medical improvement, achieve financial stability, and promote social welfare, etc., to make Taitung continue to be happy and make Taitung better. The second mission is to continue to strive for a better life for Taitung.

Rao Qingling greeted the audience in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, and the seven aboriginal languages ​​of Taitung, and then explained the achievements of the past four years.

The incineration plant has been in dispute for more than 20 years. After 7 county magistrates, time and space changes, and other counties and cities no longer substitute incinerators, and the Taitung landfill is more than half saturated. From the perspective of "building independent waste disposal capacity for Taitung", she took stock of the current situation, After analyzing the pros and cons of various options, with the support of the county council, it was decided to restart the incinerator and establish a long-lasting garbage disposal mechanism for Taitung, so as to maintain the good mountains and rivers of Taitung and ensure the quality of life and health of the villagers.

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She said that in the case of Meiliwan, the arbitral tribunal rejected the original Meiliwan Company’s claim of 1.2 billion yuan in damages. The Taitung County Government “doesn’t have to” pay the damages, but it wants to “buy back” the building. She and the team immediately set the tone "Return the beauty to Sugihara Bay", "Return the people to the people" and "Return the tribe to the tribe".

For the buildings that have been idle for many years, 3 local briefing sessions and investment promotion briefing sessions have been held. The general direction is to determine that future operations must conform to the "cultural and educational facility land", hoping to create a win-win situation under the premise of taking into account environmental protection, ecology and local development.

She said that in order to implement medical equality, she personally visited Kaohsiung Medical University and strongly invited the high-level medical team to station in Nanhui. Now Dawu Health Center and Nanhui Emergency Medical Care Center provides 13 kinds of specialized outpatient clinics.

We are also working hard to use digital technology to reverse the inconvenient transportation in rural areas. We are the first county in the country to offer 5G remote video diagnosis and treatment services such as ophthalmology, dermatology and otolaryngology in health centers. Currently, 11 health centers in the county provide services. So that the people in the towns don't need to go all the way to the hospital in the city.

Rao also emphasized that the county government's financial situation is getting better and better thanks to the team's efforts to increase income and reduce expenditure, actively strive for central planning funds, and introduce private resources.

In the case of financial stability, we will actively promote social welfare. First of all, Taitung’s birth allowance has been increased to 30,000 yuan for the first child and 36,000 yuan for the second child, the highest in the country. From January to October this year, there were 1,162 new students in Taitung County Baby, 65 more than the same period last year!

Rao Qingling said that the second term proposed to develop six aspects of Taitung Blue, including industry, construction, technology, art, social welfare, and indigenous people.

On youth issues, she emphasized that there is no single option. For example, social housing is definitely not a panacea for housing justice. What should be considered comprehensively to improve the economic capabilities of young people, or what kind of preferential loans and accommodation types to provide, best suited to the needs of youth.

In the next 4 years, the most elite sports venues in Taitung City will open a children's sports park, a swimming pool in the sports park, a new extreme sports field, and the first national sports hall in Taitung City.

She said that sewage treatment and tap water takeover are important indicators. Water resource centers and sewage treatment plants have been set up in Taitung City and Zhiben respectively, and will continue to promote user takeover in the future.

For Green Island, we will strive to set up two sewage treatment plants, while Lanyu is in the planning process.

She said that the revitalization of the county's arts and culture field and the birth of Taitung's performing arts base will be the focus of promotion in the next four years. The old council will be transformed into a small and medium-sized performance field that can accommodate 100 people, providing experimental theaters, workshops, etc. It is also planned to set up an experimental theater for indigenous peoples, which will be a large performance space that can accommodate 300 people.