On November 15, the Russian occupiers launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

The aggressor country launched almost 100 missiles, 77 of which were shot down by air defense.

However, there were hits.


targeted two residential buildings

located in the Pechersk district of the capital.

In addition, the occupiers hit energy facilities, which left many Ukrainians without electricity.

Ukrainian celebrities commented on Russia's insidious and hostile shelling of Ukraine and told how they had witnessed explosions and missile launches.

Anna Salivanchuk

The actress was next to the epicenter of the explosion of an enemy rocket in Kyiv.

The star, when the alarm started, went with her younger son to the dressing room, which served as their shelter.

There they heard a loud explosion.

Anna admitted that they were quite scared then and were afraid to even go out.

"There was a lot of banging nearby. It was banging so much that I'm afraid to open the door, to be honest, and go to the window and look. What a horror, hold on, people," said Salivanchuk.

Anna Salivanchuk / Photo: instagram.com/salivanchuk.anna


The celebrity was walking in the yard with her little son when she heard the explosions.

The singer immediately ran to the shelter with David.

There, the actress heard explosions again.

MamaRika / Photo: instagram.com/mamarika_official


The singer's house was located next to the one that was hit by a Russian rocket.

The artist said that explosions could be clearly heard.

"A terrorist attack again. It happened next to my house, the explosion was clearly heard through the window... Will it change anything? Of course not. We laugh in your face and know that the Russian army is a den of terrorists, and the authorities are ordinary military criminals and thieves who will definitely be punished for all this and will lose! Shame..." - commented the artist.

Anatoly Anatolich

The showman saw with his own eyes how enemy missiles flew over Kiev.

The presenter was then driving in his car.

The celebrity urges everyone not to ignore air raid signals.

"These creatures are attacking Kyiv, so be safe. Don't ignore it!" - emphasized the presenter.

Anatoly Anatolich / Photo: instagram.com/anatoliyanatolich

Ilona Gvozdiova

The dancer with tears in her eyes commented on how Russia is massively shelling Ukraine.

The celebrity noted that children are the first to suffer from this.

In particular, Ilona's daughter is afraid to leave the house.

"After yesterday's rocket attacks, my child was very scared. Ria is afraid to go outside, in principle. And as a mother, I am very sorry and hurt that our children are now forced to feel, see and hear all this. I hope that when we go to Lviv , she will reboot a little, and after that I plan to take her out for three or four days just to rest, so that my child is a little distracted," the dancer said.

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