Minister of Transportation Wang Guocai attended the Legislative Yuan Transportation Committee on the 16th to give a special report and prepare questions on "Taiwan Railway's Traffic Control 4.0 with Multi-communication Framework and my country's Rail Transportation Safety Improvement Guidelines".

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] DPP Candidates Chen Shizhong, Lin Jialong, Cai Shiyi, and Zheng Yunpeng jointly held a press conference on November 8th, and put forward the political opinion of "1,200 capital traffic monthly tickets", which should integrate Taiwan Railway, bus, National Highway Passenger Transport, MRT, and Ubike, a total of 5 transport vehicles, need 3.5 billion yuan in annual funding, and will seek funding from the central government.

Minister of Transport Wang Guocai said in an answer to the Legislative Yuan Transport Committee today that in order to encourage the use of public transport, the Ministry of Transport’s subsidy will not be limited to North and North Kitao, but will be applicable to the whole country. It is estimated that at least 2.6 billion yuan will be needed for one year .

Legislator Hong Mengkai said that when he questioned the Transportation Committee on November 2, he specifically asked whether the 1,280 yuan monthly pass for Taipei should be made. The Ministry of Transportation responded that it was a local business but was willing to assist.

Unexpectedly, on November 8th, a candidate who once served as the Minister of Transportation proposed a monthly ticket of 1,200 yuan, and proposed a way to subsidize 3.5 billion yuan from the central government. Premier Su Zhenchang also said that he was happy to see the results. The responsible Ministry of Communications encouraged local governments to Do it, I hope that political officials should not use makeup to raise money for election checks, and if there are subsidies, no matter who is in power, they should push them.

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Wang Guocai said that in the past, public transport subsidies were only remote route operating loss subsidies, construction and design subsidies, etc., but the utilization rate of public transport has not increased significantly in the past few years. This time, under the clear direction of the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Communications hopes to pass nationwide Assistance can increase the utilization rate of public transportation, move towards net zero carbon emissions, and reduce traffic accident casualties.

Wang Guocai said that the initial idea is that the local government proposes a plan to improve the use of public transportation, and the Ministry of Communications will provide subsidies and assistance. Counties and cities with better finances such as Liudu will have less subsidies, and counties and cities with poorer finances such as Miaoli and Chiayi, etc., even If a little bit of funds to promote public utilization cannot be provided, more subsidies will be provided, but local governments must have matching funds.

The Democratic Progressive Party’s Beibei Jitao mayor candidate has proposed a plan of 1,200 monthly transportation tickets. The initial estimate is that the annual funding needs to be 3.5 billion yuan. The county and city governments have launched plans to improve public transport. Other counties and cities can simply study and introduce bus utilization rate plans, or Kaohsiung is looking for Tainan and Pingtung to propose Nangaoping monthly passes. transportation plan.

Wang Guocai said that the initial estimated cost of the 1200 monthly ticket is 3.5 billion yuan a year, and the central government can subsidize at least half of it. 100 million yuan), half of the central subsidy will need more than 2.6 billion yuan. At present, a plan has been drawn up to discuss the source of funds with the Directorate General of Accounting and Accounting of the Executive Yuan. However, because this year’s budget for next year was reviewed in September this year, this budget may not be included in the budget. The transportation service upgrade plan pays money, and the money will be returned in the future. The relevant methods need to be discussed with the Accounting Headquarters.