In the Rivne region, they paid their respects and saw four


on their last journey .

34-year-old Oleksandr Deshchynskyi, 32-year-old Mykola Bondarchuk, 34-year-old Oleg Mykolaichuk and Artur Molchanovych laid down their lives for Ukraine.

This was reported to the Rivne Regional Military Administration and the stories of the fallen soldiers were told.

"On March 6, 34-year-old Oleksandr Deshchynskyi

from Zdolbunov

joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. First, the training ground, then the front line. Where Oleksandr served, his relatives did not know, he always said that he was in the rear. He said that so that his parents would not worry. Oleksandr had heard from his father since childhood the story that his grandfather, Tikhon Deshchynsky, went to the front in the distant 1941, went through the entire war, was wounded several times. He met victory in the hospital. Grandfather lived for 92 years and carried fragments of fascist shells all his life. Oleksandr's fate also fell to stand up for the protection of the Motherland, only from the Rashists," OVA reports.

The soldier died as a result of artillery shelling on November 1 near Shevchenko settlement of Donetsk region.

He would have turned 35 in December.

"He didn't have time to get married, although he met his love. He will forever be remembered as smiling, cheerful. Sashka, who always joked and never lost heart," the message reads.

On November 11, 32-year-old Mykola Bondarchuk from Krylov Koretskaya

died while performing a combat mission in the Mykolaiv region.

In civilian life, Mykola was a dental technician.

"He didn't even have time to start a family, but after the full-scale invasion, he immediately stood up to protect Ukraine, his native home and his loved ones," OVA said.

On November 7, soldier-recon Oleg Mykolaichuk from the Orzhev

Klevansk community

was killed while performing a combat mission as a result of a mine-explosive injury near Pavlivka settlement of the Donetsk region .

"In a peaceful life, he worked abroad. When the Moscow horde came to Ukrainian land, he stood up to protect the Motherland. His son's parents won't wait to come home, his girlfriend won't meet her chosen one," OVA said.

In the Rivne region, they said goodbye to another soldier

, Artur Molchanovych, a native of the village of Budimlya

, Mylyak community, who lived in the Sumy region.

The man was drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during mobilization.

"He courageously stood up to the Russian aggressor and defended the Motherland. Unfortunately, Artur died on October 29 in the Luhansk direction during artillery fire. Yesterday, the residents of the Myliatsk community took Voin to his last journey," the message reads.

The situation at the front

During the day, the Russian invaders try to carry out dozens of assaults in Donetsk region, but

suffer huge losses,

especially in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions.

As of November 15, the total combat losses among enemy personnel are about 82,080.

Over 700 Russian soldiers were liquidated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

during the day .

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