The Kuomintang held a press conference today on "Prohibition of confirmed persons from voting, the DPP is guilty of epidemic prevention".

(Photo by reporter Shi Xiaoguang)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] The KMT today held a press conference on "Prohibition of confirmed persons from voting, the DPP is guilty of epidemic prevention." Qiu Shuti, former director of the National Health Service of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that the "Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law" restricts infectious disease patients, and It is not a confirmed case, and the risk of infection on polling day is related to the time people stay at the scene and whether they wear masks. The risk when people vote is actually the same as when they are vaccinated.

Qiu Shuti emphasized that to prevent the spread of the virus based on the regulations on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, it is necessary to quickly screen all infected people on the polling day, but the government did not require screening at the polling site, and even criminals were not screened. Deprivation of the right to vote, of course, those who are diagnosed should be able to vote.

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Lian Hongqing, vice-chairman of the Kuomintang Cultural and Communication Association, said that the DPP government’s restriction of voting by confirmed patients is to show a guilty conscience about its own epidemic prevention, because the people are generally dissatisfied with the government’s epidemic prevention work, and the DPP knows that confirmed patients will not like them , will prohibit the confirmed persons from voting, but in this way, all the confirmed persons who want to sanction the DPP may deliberately not report, which will lead to a very high risk of infection on the polling day.

He said that the Democratic Progressive Party deprived those diagnosed with the right to vote because of their guilty conscience about the epidemic prevention policy. What kind of tyrant would do this!

The epidemic prevention commander Wang Bisheng should stop pushing the problem to Fayuan. As long as Wang Bisheng says that he can vote, those who are diagnosed can vote without the basis of Fayuan.

Qiu Shuti pointed out that the "Law on the Rule of Infectious Diseases" aims to prevent and control infectious diseases. Although it is authorized to the government, it is not used to suppress dissidents, and it is restricted to patients with infectious diseases, not those who have been diagnosed. Moreover, after the amendment of the Criminal Law in 2006, Even criminals are not disenfranchised, but people diagnosed with COVID-19 cannot vote.

Qiu Shuti said that if based on the regulations on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the government should test all infected people, and the screening should be done quickly on the polling day, but the government did not force the screening. As for the diagnosis, it is not a patient status, but an administrative status. The government asks everyone to respond independently, and the public reports that they have become confirmed cases, but they are treated unfairly, which does not conform to the principle of proportionality.

She emphasized that Taiwan has been co-existing with the virus for more than half a year, but on polling day, the confirmed persons are restricted from voting. Logical?

She believes that from now until the polling day, it should be the time when the epidemic situation in Taiwan has eased the most since May, because many people will not report and it will become a black number.