The trial against Georgi Semerdzhiev for the accident on Cherni Vrah Blvd. begins on November 29.

Then the disposition hearing in the case is scheduled.

This was learned by BTA from the Sofia City Court.

Four days ago, the indictment was submitted to the court, and the case was randomly assigned to judge Stefan Milev. 

Semerdzhiev is accused of five crimes and has been in custody for several months.

He was driving at 166 km/h on the night of the accident, and he also ran a red light.

This shows expertise done in connection with the investigation.

The indictment against Semerdzhiev is already in court

Nearly 70 witnesses were questioned in the case.

The internal investigation in the Ministry of the Interior found that three heads of regional offices and a former head of the "Road Police" sector provided a "police umbrella" over Georgi Semerdzhiev.

Also, 44 ​​disciplinary proceedings were initiated against police officers.

Georgi Semerdzhiev