"The resolution adopted by the French Senate against Azerbaijan is the resurgence of the French policy of colonialism and imperialism in an environment of impunity."

MP Bahruz Maharramov said this in his statement to APA.

Bahruz Maharramov said that if the world community had reacted in time to the war crimes committed by France in Algeria, Rwanda, Mali, as well as in Cambodia and South Vietnam, today Paris would not have dared to act as a global ombudsman: A state that has given should not have the right to speak in the name of international law today.

If we look at the latest anti-Azerbaijani draft adopted in the French Senate, it is a clear interference with the generally recognized principles of international law.

With this project, Paris grossly violated the principles of the inviolability of state borders, territorial integrity of states, non-interference in matters related to the internal jurisdiction of states, as well as the honest fulfillment of obligations within the framework of international law.

This move should be called "stop" and I think

as a first step, the aggression of the French Senate on international law should be sharply condemned in the Parliament of Azerbaijan.

On the other hand, the views expressed by Mr. President in the commemorative book of the Museum of Martyrs during his visit to Algeria are actually a clear road map for us, and from this point of view, the time has come to hold hearings in the Milli Majlis regarding the policy of genocide and colonialism committed by France in Algeria.

We must unanimously take a firm stand and expose once again the true face of France, which has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity at the state level.

Also, our Parliament should adopt a document officially condemning France's open support for the 30-year occupation and the aggressive policy of Armenia, thereby becoming an obvious obstacle to peace prospects in the region.

of course

our position is clear, but the documents we will accept may once again be a statement that criminal France will not be able to carry out any kind of mediating mission until it removes the consequences of its humanly dangerous actions and abandons its aggressive intentions.

In this context, we must determine with a legal act that it is impossible for France to participate in peace negotiations with Armenia."