President Jiang Congyuan held an event at the county council today, "All past members support Congyuan", criticizing "corruption of the government is more terrible than incompetence" and Lin Zimiao being "the most incompetent magistrate since the county was established."

(Photo by reporter You Mingjin)

[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] Jiang Congyuan, the candidate of the DPP's Yilan County Mayor, today criticized Lin Zimiao, the Kuomintang County Mayor who is seeking re-election. She was indicted for four major crimes including corruption and money laundering, and she also used the Wangbaji used by the fraud group. She is also suitable for being a The mayor?

DPP Jiaoxi township mayor candidate Lin Chenggong said that Lin Zimiao committed all serious crimes. We are electing the county mayor, not pretending to be a family wine. This is a very serious issue. The National People and History Association will test the election of Yilan people. level.

Lin Zimiao's phone was transferred to voicemail, but the head of the competition said there was no response.

Jiang Congyuan served as a 2-term councillor and 2-term mayor of Yilan. Jiang Congyuan held an event at the county council today, "Previous Councillors Support Congyuan", criticizing "corrupt government is more terrible than incompetence" and Lin Zimiao is "the most incompetent county since the county was established." long".

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County councilor Chen Wenchang said that Lin Zimiao has an assistant surnamed Zhang who is the county secretary, but instead of handling official business, she helps her schedule 3:30 cheques, buy Wang Baji, and it is still a poll account. What does Lin Zimiao use Wang Baji for?

Only a fraudulent group would use Wang Bajji to do bad things. Why is the county magistrate going to use Wang Bajji? What the hell are you doing illegal?

Lin Zimiao said, "I'm just talking to my best friend on the phone." Do the county residents believe it?

Jiang Congyuan pointed out that Lin Zimiao was indicted for four major crimes, including corruption, money laundering, unknown source of property, and forgery of documents. Not only in Yilan, but also in the whole country has never seen such a thing happen to a county mayor. The county magistrate can't even tell what kind of mobile phone she is using. Do the county people still believe in her ability?

Does she have a way to protect the county residents and promote the county government?

What qualifications does she have to serve as county magistrate.

Jiaoxi township mayor candidate and former county councilor Lin Chenggong once served as a military judge. He said earnestly that the election is temporary, but how will history see this matter? Lin Zimiao is suspected of 4 major crimes, and he cannot always use justice to persecute the ponds. The judiciary is the last line of defense in a democratic country. He appealed to the county residents. We are electing the county magistrate, not pretending to be a family wine. The vote on the 26th is related to how the Yilan people will "stand up" in Taiwan. The people of the country and history will test the Yilan people. election level.

Huang Shichao, a candidate for mayor of Luodong and a former county councilor, pointed out that the decommissioning case of Luodong Industrial Park was approved by the Executive Yuan when the DPP was in power. The relocation of the town hall and the withdrawal of the urban plan have seriously affected Luodong's development. We can't help but wonder if Lin Zimiao's obstruction of these two cases is hiding an illegal entanglement of interests.

Xue Chengyi, a former county councillor, said that Lin Zimiao is definitely the most incompetent county magistrate. In the past four years, what Lin Zimiao has done for Yilan, what efforts and changes she has made, is riddled with frauds, uses gangsters, and doesn't do anything, it's still a drag In the future development of Yilan and Luodong, choosing the right person will do things, and a city can be changed in 8 years. Choosing the wrong person and doing the wrong thing will bring unprecedented stagnation. Lin Zimiao is incompetent in terms of personal conduct and governance. As a person who cares about Yilan Young people, strictly examine Lin Zimiao.

Xue Chengyi pointed out that the mayor of Yilan Jiang Congyuan changed Yilan City in 8 years, seeing Jimmy Park, environmental planning, cultural development, and letting the world see Yilan City, this is the main reason why Jiang Congyuan is worth recommending.

Former county councilor You Xiangde pointed out that he had served as a councillor for five terms, and he had never seen the county magistrate ask for leave to avoid council supervision during the general questioning of the council. Lin Zimiao was the first since the county was established.