South Korea hosted the Asian Rugby Sevens event yesterday, and the Hong Kong team heard the song "Glory to Hong Kong" with a solemn expression.

(The picture is taken from the official video)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] South Korea held the Asian Rugby Sevens event yesterday. When the Hong Kong team played, the organizer mistakenly played the song "Glory to Hong Kong" from the 2019 anti-extradition movement as the national anthem, and the players looked embarrassed and nervous. Closing his lips and daring to sing, the Hong Kong authorities issued a statement early in the morning saying that "it was caused by the human error of a junior staff member of the local organizer."

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Asian Rugby Sevens series between Hong Kong and South Korea, the organizer of the Asian Rugby (Asia Rugby), mistakenly broadcast the anti-export movement "Glory to Hong Kong" as the national anthem of Hong Kong before the start of the game. The Chinese national anthem "March of the Volunteers" was broadcast only when Hong Kong won.

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The official competition video is currently "muted" for more than 10 seconds to correct the "Glory to Hong Kong" clip, and then it is suspected to be connected to the Chinese national anthem.

Many netizens went viral on the original video, which showed that after the Hong Kong team heard the soundtrack of "May Glory Return to Hong Kong", the team members had a solemn expression and closed their lips and did not hum.

The Hong Kong government issued a statement at 2:38 this morning, stating that preliminary information provided by the Hong Kong Rugby Association shows that the Asian Rugby Association has confirmed that the recording of the national anthem submitted by the coach of the Hong Kong team is correct, explaining that the incident was organized by "a local organizer. Human error by junior staff".

The Hong Kong government stressed that "China's national anthem is a symbol of our country" and that it is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that the national anthem is given due respect.

They have asked the Hong Kong Rugby Association to seriously investigate the incident and expressed "extreme dissatisfaction" with the organizer, Asia Rugby.

In this regard, Hong Kong netizens spread the original video of "May Glory Return to Hong Kong", and some people responded, "I am moved, the real Hong Kong national anthem has finally been certified", "I am really moved, this national anthem has been recognized by the world", "The song is right, the flag is raised incorrectly." ", "Koreans are talented" and so on.