Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang stressed that Putin's nuclear threats are irresponsible.

Reuters writes about this with reference to a high-ranking representative of the US administration.

As noted, during a speech at the summit of the Association of East Asian Nations in Cambodia, Li Keqiang emphasized that Putin's threats are irresponsible.

In general, the prime minister spoke a lot about China's policy towards Ukraine.

"Li Keqiang emphasized sovereignty, the irresponsibility of nuclear threats, the need to ensure that nuclear weapons are not used as some have suggested.

In Beijing, there was definitely some discomfort about what we saw in terms of reckless rhetoric and activity on the part of Russia," a representative of the US administration told the agency on condition of anonymity.

At the same time, the Kremlin has partnership relations with China.

However, in the country itself, according to a representative of the US administration, they are surprised by the course of the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine.

What is known about Russia's nuclear threats

Practically from the first days of the full-scale war, when it was not possible to "take Ukraine in three days", the Russian Federation began to be intimidated by the use of tactical nuclear weapons. 

At the same time, more than half of the population in Ukraine does not believe in the possibility of the Russian Federation using nuclear weapons.

Against the background of constant threats from the Russian Federation and signals from the US that the Russian Federation will receive a response in case of use, the Kremlin began to create fakes about the "dirty bomb". 

Interestingly, later the International Atomic Energy Agency conducted Mr

erevirku and 

did not reveal signs of undeclared nuclear activity and materials in Ukraine, which Russia previously accused.

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