The Tanaka Marathon was resumed after the breach, and 16,000 runners started running in a friendly way.

(Photo by reporter Chen Guanbei)

[Reporter Chen Guanbei/Changhua Report] The Tanaka Marathon, known as "the most humane marathon in the country", was suspended last year due to the epidemic and resumed this year. Today (13th), it started in Tanaka Town, Changhua County, attracting 16,000 domestic participants. Famous runners participated in the competition, and Wangpin Group provided high-end beef short ribs and other delicacies at the scene, allowing runners to feast on them.

Runners said that participating in the Taiwan Marathon is to enjoy the human touch, and Tanaka is always the most lively.

Tanaka Horse, Wanjin Horse, Taipei Horse and Kaohsiung Horse are tied for the 4 major domestic events. This year, it will be held for the 11th year. Last year, due to the outbreak of the domestic epidemic, it was changed to online running. , 16,000 was instantly killed, and the popularity remains the same. This year's event also participated in "Run For Green". Every 40 kilometers runners run, the sponsor will plant a tree. It is estimated that at least about 10,000 trees can be planted, which is the most An eco-friendly and human-friendly marathon.

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Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei, Legislator Chen Suyue, Xie Yifeng, Tanaka Mayor Hong Lina and others were also present today to cheer on the runners and fired their shots for the start. There are 3 competition categories this year. Group, 22.6 km half marathon group and 9.7 km running group.

Wang Huimei said that everyone is welcome to come to Changhua to experience the most humane marathon in the country. I hope everyone can enjoy the fun of running. The most interesting thing about Tanaka Ma is that there are many enthusiastic folks along the way to cheer for everyone, from children to elders, use them The talent will surprise everyone and welcome you in the most enthusiastic way. There are also rich delicacies such as steak and seafood along the road. It is basically a five-star all-you-can-eat. In particular, this year, it also combines green environmental protection. Fubon Financial Holdings planted a tree for everyone, and it is expected to be planted near the Tanaka high-speed railway station. Thank you to the organizers for their hard work and efforts for the environment.

Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei (4th from right), Tanaka Mayor Hong Lina (3rd from left), county councilor Zheng Junxiong (4th from left) and others attended the scene to cheer for the runners and fired their shots for the start together.

(Photo by reporter Chen Guanbei)