Lu Xiuyan, who was accused of being "stablely elected" and the "undefeated queen", refuted that "the votes are still in the hands of the citizens."

(Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] The countdown to the election is less than two weeks. The Kuomintang Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, who is seeking re-election, has not only arranged for auxiliary elections in various districts of the city, but also arranged to help platforms in other counties and cities. She, who has been dubbed the "Undefeated Queen" and is firmly seated as the "Sister of the Blue Army", has also urgently refuted the "stable election" that she is optimistic about, saying that "the votes are still in the hands of the citizens", and she must be more humble and work hard to win the support of voters.

From the provincial councillor election to the 6th legislature election, and even 4 years ago, she ran for Taichung mayoral election under the disapproval of all walks of life. Lu Xiuyan, who has won 8 challenges in the election, was named the "undefeated queen". She has a high profile and is now more stable Sitting on the status of "the first sister of the Blue Army", since seeking re-election as mayor this year, in addition to playing the role of a hen in the Taichung City election campaign, in addition to assisting the election of members of the same party, she has even traveled to other counties and cities from the south to the north to support the platform. Recently, in addition to attending New Taipei City yesterday to participate in the joint campaign of the six capitals, she is expected to go to Taipei tomorrow to participate in the "North-North-Central Joint Campaign Gala". ".

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With the countdown to the election and the heat of the election, Lu Xiuyan did not dare to be careless, and is anxious to speak to the voters. Lu Xiuyan said that some people say that she has a good governance and should be elected, but "the votes are still in the hands of the citizens", and she has to be very careful. Humbly strive for it.

Lu Xiuyan said that when she ran for mayor of Taichung last time, everyone said that she could not be elected. It was unexpected why she won, but she knew very well that it was because the citizens had trusted her since she served as a provincial councillor and a 6-term legislator.

Lu Xiuyan said that she may not belong to the most glamorous or all-powerful political figure, but she will definitely do what she says, serve earnestly, and learn from experience with humility. She appeals to voters to be firm and to see her dedication in Taichung over the past 20 or 30 years. Whatever she has done, I believe the public has confidence in her, but she must come out and vote on November 26.