The 94-year-old grandma Jian Guo (left) participated in the "Trash to Gold" challenge, showing off the strength and agility of her hands and feet.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)

[Reporter Cai Zongxun / Chiayi Report] The Chiayi Service Office of Hongdao Elderly Welfare Foundation held the first "Youth Youth Cup Games" on the 12th at the Minxiong Hall of the Youth Life Center and the adjacent sports park. The ethnic team participated in the group fun physical fitness competition. From the team entering the field, the team shouting slogans to the competition, the contestants did their best to show the vitality and enthusiasm of the silver-haired people. The scene was lively and hilarious to the highest point.

In the daily household chores of the middle-aged and elderly people, the Youth Vitality Cup Games combines sports incentives and fun elements, and ingeniously designs 4 sports physical fitness fun competitions, including training agility and hand muscle strength, using eggplant bags and poles The retro "grocery market shopping competition", the "Trash to Gold Challenge" that trains hand muscle strength and coordination combined with environmental protection, and the "Super Clothes Contest" that tests memory and tacit understanding are also the favorite of housewives. There is also a combination of cognitive and The team's tacit "tortoise and hare brisk walk online game".

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A 94-year-old grandma Jian Guo from the Sanhe stronghold in Dalin participated in the "Trash to Gold" challenge. Before she retired, grandma had been working as a chicken farmer for decades. She often moved egg crates, chicken feed, and long-term training in the stronghold's exercise program. The body is very tough, and it is impossible to tell that he is in his 90s. In the competition, his agility in carrying garbage and gold is not inferior to that of the younger juniors, and he won warm applause and cheers.

Zhang Yifen, director of the Chiayi Service Office of the Hongdao Foundation, said that she hoped that through this event, the public’s stereotype about the elderly would be overturned. It turns out that the games are not only reserved for young people, as long as the game design by professional coaches can also allow elders to participate in achieve exercise results.

The Ageless Vitality Cup Games Super Dry Clothes Contest.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)