The Armed Forces of Ukraine returned the Mi-8 helicopter captured by the Russian army to Kherson airport.

APA reports that the video was posted on the Twitter social network by the military blogger "Special Kherson Cat".

"It seems that the helicopter used to belong to Ukraine.

Now we are returning it to its port," said the person who shot the video.

Previously, this helicopter was captured by the Russian military and repainted.

It is not known where and under what circumstances the helicopter disappeared.

In addition, during the last day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine neutralized more than 80 Russian soldiers near Energodar and in the village of Krasniy Mayak, Kherson region.

According to the information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the day, the Ukrainian aviation carried out five strikes on the assembly points of the Russian army.

"Currently, they hit the command post, two areas where manpower, weapons and military equipment are concentrated, two ammunition depots and three other important military facilities, and also the Ka-52 helicopter was destroyed.

More than 30 soldiers were killed, 2 tanks and 4 trucks were disabled as a result of the precise strikes of the Defense Forces on the headquarters of the Russian troops in the village of Krasny Mayak, Kherson region," the General Staff noted.