The Kremlin elites understand that defeat in the war is inevitable, and therefore they are frantically looking for options to prevent riots in Russia itself.

One of the options is the so-called "successor operation".

Russian opposition political scientist Abbas Gallyamov said this in a commentary on Channel 24.

According to the expert, Putin is constantly weakening and increasingly entering a "dead end".

"At some point, Putin will need a successor to save the system from collapse, because its debris can bury Putin himself. And in history there were examples of Ceausescu, Gaddafi or Hussein. That is, Putin can lose power, after which he will lose his life - as an unfavorable coincidence of circumstances." , - believes Gallyamov.

The political scientist does not rule out that the dictator himself may be interested in a successor if he realizes that he will no longer be able to hold on to power.

According to the expert, the plan for the successor can be implemented

already this spring.

"I believe that it will be the end of winter - the beginning of spring, when it will already be clear that Putin's plan to "freeze Europe" will fail," the expert said.

Galyamov is sure that in the spring Putin's entourage will convince him that a successor should be nominated.

"The alternative is a great collapse and prolonged degradation and great bloodshed. Defeat becomes more and more obvious, as does the more obvious collapse of the system - the inability of the system to solve the key tasks facing the state. As the understanding that this is happening comes, of course the chances of the scenario of the successor is growing," the political scientist notes.

Who will be the successor?

Gallyamov believes that there are many politicians in Russia who are suitable for this role.

In particular, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

At the same time, the coming to power of the owner of PMK "Wagner" Evgeny Prigozhin, who has recently demonstrated significant political ambitions, the expert considers unlikely.

"The demand for a 'strong hand' is falling. And Prigozhin is an adventurer and a butcher whom the Russians will not elect," he concluded.

Earlier, political analyst Valery Solovei said that Putin is going to hand over power.

Allegedly, the dictator agreed to the candidacy of the son of the head of the Security Council, Mykola Patrushev, Dmytro, who currently holds the position of Minister of Agriculture.

According to Western media reports, the five possible candidates look like this:

  • ex-president and former prime minister of Russia 

    Dmitry Medvedev


  • First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation 

    Serhiy Kiriyenko;

  • Minister of Agriculture of Russia, 

    Dmytro Patrushev, 

    as well as his father, Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, 

    Mykola Patrushev


  • founder of PMK "Wagner" 

    Yevhen Prigozhin.

OP adviser Oleksiy Arestovich believes that Putin decided to create a "military party" headed by Prigozhin in order to keep the protest electorate under control.

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