Citizen groups thought it was unreasonable for Taihua Changhua Plant to request compensation from the state, and brought a portrait of the "Goddess of Justice" to Taichung High School to support the Changhua County Government.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung reported] The operating licenses (coal-fired) for the 3 steam-electric symbiosis systems of the Changhua Plant of Taiwan Chemical Fiber Corporation ("Taihua") expired in 2016, and the Changhua County Government extended the rejection for the second time. , Taihua Changhua Plant was forced to suspend production. After Taihua filed a lawsuit, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that the Changhua County Government had illegally imposed administrative sanctions, and Taihua sued the state for compensation accordingly. The Changhua District Court ruled that the Changhua County Government should compensate 477.04 million yuan. The Zhang County Government appealed. When the Taichung High Court held a court session today, the civic group brought a portrait of the "Goddess of Justice" to support the Changhua County Government, believing that Taichung's claim was unreasonable, and demanded a fair trial by the judge.

The above-mentioned non-governmental organizations and environmental protection groups include Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance, Changhua County Medical Circle Alliance, Taiwan Healthy Air Action Alliance, Changhua Green Resources and Humanities Conservation Association, etc. In addition, Times Power Changhua County Councilor Wu Weida, DPP member Changhua County Councillor Candidate Yang Zixian and others were also present. They emphasized that they were county residents and supported Changhua County with a portrait of the "Goddess of Justice", hoping that the goddess of justice in the court would uphold the spirit of fairness and justice.

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Wu Huijun, director of the Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance, said that in 2016, the Changhua County government wanted to improve air quality and urged the Taihua Changhua plant to use low-sulfur coal-fired, or to add pollution prevention equipment, but the Taihua Company disagreed. It is very unreasonable to ask for state compensation if it is possible to re-apply for a coal-burning license, but decides to suspend work without applying.

Qian Jianwen, chairman of the Changhua County Medical Association, pointed out that the air pollutants emitted by Taihua's coal burning are very harmful to the health of the surrounding residents. The Changhua plant has long been "externalizing the cost" (meaning that it emits waste gas, and the residents bear the cost of environmental protection), which can be regarded as earning Taiwanese people's blood, sweat and life money. To comply with corporate social responsibility, the state should be notified of compensation. withdraw.

They emphasized that the process of obtaining a coal-burning license for Taihua Changhua Plant is negotiable. When the license expires in 2016, it will not have the right to burn coal, and it cannot be directly extended. Rights and interests, if there is no problem of infringement of rights and interests, there is no current state compensation problem. It is very unreasonable for Taihua to ask for state compensation.