Ke Jianming said that he is a legal assistant, and Gao Hongan is a head assistant. This is the difference between the two. I advise her to rest more to clear her head.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu of the People's Party, was caught in the scandal of assistant fees. She accused again today (10th) that the assistant of Ke Jianming, the general summoner of the DPP League of the Legislative Yuan, also donated money to the DPP, and pointed out that "green energy, you can not".

In response, Ke Jianming responded that she was a legal assistant, and Gao Hongan was a head assistant. She could explain to the prosecutor, not to do this all the time. "The patient should rest more so that his head will be clear."

Gao Hongan said on Facebook this morning that according to netizens, many assistants in Ke Jianming's office donate large sums of money to the Democratic Progressive Party every year. It is a promising young man, and it is corruption in Gao Hongan’s office.”

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In this regard, Ke Jianming stated in an interview this evening that his assistant is a legal assistant and a legal donation, which conforms to the "Political Contribution Law" and "Income Income Tax Law", and is not a head assistant. The difference between him and Gao Hongan is this.

Ke Jianming pointed out that Gao Hongan's assistant surnamed Li received a salary of 600,000 yuan from public expenses, and immediately donated it back to Gao Hongan's office. He believed that the prosecutor would ask the matter clearly. Gao Hongan is now shifting the focus and incriminating himself. All the materials have been sent, please ask her Just explain it to the prosecutor, don't do this all the time.

In addition, Ke Jianming said that Gao Hongan asked for leave yesterday after being hospitalized to see Yang Wenke, the head of Hsinchu County, who is a member of the Kuomintang. surrender".