U.S. State Department spokesman Price confirmed that the U.S. will start talks with Russia on the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Yesterday (8th), a Russian media revealed that Russia and the United States are planning to hold the first strategic nuclear weapons talks since the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Subsequently, the US State Department confirmed the news, saying that the two sides had agreed to this arrangement, and soon after It will be held, but the two sides will not discuss topics related to the Ukrainian-Russian war at the meeting, and the specific time and place have not been specified.

The Ukrainian-Russian war intensified again at the beginning of last month. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would not rule out investing in strategic nuclear weapons, the nuclear war crisis has heated up.

The Russian major newspaper Kommersant quoted four people familiar with the matter as saying on the 8th that the United States and Russia are planning to hold talks on issues related to strategic nuclear weapons, and the venue may be selected in the Middle East.

If the time is successfully finalized, it will be the first nuclear talks between the two countries since the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war.

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The U.S. State Department confirmed the matter on the same day, and spokesman Ned Price said that the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Coordination Committee (BCC) had agreed to discuss new cuts in the near future, PBS NewsHour reported. The New START Treaty meeting, which did not include the conflict in Ukraine, "is confidential and we hope it will be a constructive meeting."

The report pointed out that the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" allows the United States and Russia to inspect each other's nuclear weapons facilities on-site to check whether they violate the terms of the treaty, but due to the impact of the epidemic, inspections were suspended in March 2020.

The last meeting of the BCC was in October 2021, when it agreed to resume related work, but Russia unilaterally suspended the United States’ right to inspect nuclear weapons facilities in August this year in protest of the United States’ support for Ukraine, so the new talks are expected to be restarted. Inspection work is listed as one of the key discussion items.