Greece is locked down today by a 24-hour national strike.

Thousands of Greeks took part in protest demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki, BNR reported.

"We want to live with dignity, not to exist", "Increase wages immediately" and "pensioners are languishing", are some of the slogans that people bring to the demonstrations.

Civil servants, those working in the private sector, sailors, the unemployed, pensioners and students are protesting.

High prices, low wages and unemployment have collapsed the social status of Greeks, protestors say.

"We are on strike because we want to live," they chanted at the rallies.

The unions, which are the organizers of the strike, were joined by activists of the opposition parties, among them there are MPs.

Greeks protest because they want to live

Transport is blocked.

Ports are closed and ships remain at anchor.

Trains, city buses and the metro are not running.

We remind you that yesterday it was announced about the cancellation of domestic and international flights of the main Greek airlines and changes in the schedule for Wednesday.

It has been announced that civil aviation union members are expected to take part in a full 24-hour strike, with air traffic controllers planning to stop work from 10am to 4pm.

However, real-time tracking today shows that flights to and from Greece are taking place.

A message on the website of the Athens airport informed that the strike action of the Union of Greek air traffic controllers on 9 November will not take place.

The airport advises passengers to contact the airline or call the airport call center for additional information about their flight.

It also becomes clear that suburban rail services to and from the airport will not operate until midnight.

There will be no taxis either.

Buses are running normally.

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