"Representatives of the United States and Russia have contacts from time to time," the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said today, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

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The high-ranking employee of the diplomatic headquarters of Moscow explained that the contacts were between government agencies, without specifying which ones exactly.

Zakharova also emphasized that her department does not participate in them.

The spokeswoman confirmed that there would soon be Russian-American consultations on the fate of the New Start (Strategic Nuclear Arms Reduction) treaty, the only remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two countries.

As the novini.bg team has already reported, at the beginning of this week the "Wall Street Journal" newspaper wrote that US national security adviser Jake Sullivan had talks with two high-ranking officials from the Russian Federation.

The US was conducting secret negotiations with Russia?

A little later, the information was officially confirmed.

It's official!

The US is negotiating with Russia

Russian invasion of Ukraine