Against the backdrop of military defeats in Ukraine, the Kremlin is afraid of growing protest sentiments within Russia itself, so most of the mobilized were sent not to Ukraine, but to strengthen the Russian Guard.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Dmytro Snegiryov in a comment on

"As for the "Chmobikes" themselves (from "partial mobilization" - ed.). There are now about 82,000 of them on the territory of Ukraine. Where are the other 220,000? It is worth mentioning the statements of British intelligence that the mobilization is primarily aimed at strengthening or replenishing the Rosguard, a structure that is designed to support and ensure civil order within the Russian Federation," Snegiryov emphasized.

According to him, the Russian Guardsmen have already taken under increased control the objects of the critical infrastructure of the Russian Federation and the military commissariat.

In addition, they fix the redeployment of units to Moscow.

"Obviously, against the background of military defeats in Ukraine, the Kremlin is afraid of the growth of protest sentiments within the Russian Federation," the expert is convinced.

Meanwhile, there is no time to talk about the combat capability of the mobilized.

According to Snegiriev, they do not come to a combat coordination directly in the units - they are thrown like cannon fodder into the "meat grinder of war".

It will be recalled that the Pentagon is convinced that Russia will emerge from the war weaker than it was before February 24.

According to Colin Kahl, the Pentagon's deputy secretary of defense for policy, Russia has already lost half of its main battle tanks and used up most of its precision weapons in a war that has been a "major strategic failure" for the Kremlin.

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