In the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation, a deputy from Putin's party was mobilized, who in September won the elections to the local military committee. 

Russian propagandists write about it. 

In September, 46-year-old deputy Dmytro Zakharov won the election from the local military commissar Oleksiy Vertukhov, and already on October 20 he received a summons from the military commissar.

They do not know where the Russian is mobilized now. 

The wife of the mobilized person claims that her husband was sent to the occupation army because he won the elections for the "chief of rural settlements" because of this, his problems started.

As a result, a deputy from Putin's party was mobilized. 

Mobilization in Russia 

At the end of September, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a "partial" mobilization in the Russian Federation.

From 300,000 to one million Russians can be conscripted into the army of occupation. 

The first mobilized have already been liquidated in Ukraine.

Russian propagandists write about the losses of the occupiers from various regions.

The same mobilized people who are currently in Russia complain about poor security and lack of promised payments.

In particular, in Russian Kazan, a crowd of angry "chmobikes" barked at the general and forced him to leave.

The mobilized aggressively demanded from the authorities to improve their conditions of detention.

"Chmobikes" complained about the lack of water, firewood for heating, as well as the fact that they were given old automatic machines.

They demanded the installation of a washing machine and sockets.

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