TPP AES Galabovo is fully ready for operation during the upcoming winter season.

The plant has 436,000 tons of lignite coal in stock.

This is 50% more than the amount of fuel reserves required by law, reports the TPP.

The coal stockpiled would ensure the normal operation of the plant at full load for one month.

TPP AES Galabovo has a reserve, according to the requirements, of liquid fuel and limestone, necessary for the desulphurization process.

The plant successfully completed the annual planned and preventive maintenance campaign of both power units.

Currently, the generating capacities are available to the electricity system and ready for operation during the current winter period.

TPP AES Galabovo is the only completely newly built coal power plant in Bulgaria for the last nearly 40 years.

It is the most maneuverable and high-tech coal-fired power plant in the country, which makes it key to the country's energy security.

In addition, the AES Galabovo TPP is important for providing reliable energy at socially affordable prices for society, as it uses only a local energy resource, such as the lignite coal mined by the state-owned "Mini Maritsa - East", commented the company.