Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar spoke about the situation at the front.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are now actively defending themselves, and in some areas they are pushing back the Russian occupiers. 

She said this on Monday, November 7, on the air of the telethon. 

"Today, active defense continues in the south, just like in the east. The dynamics of the war are different. There are periods when the intensity is high and we saw a momentary advance, there are other phases of the war, like now, when there is an active defense," Malyar explained. 

The deputy minister of defense added that in the south and east of Ukraine there are sections of the front where the Armed Forces are pushing back the occupiers.

However, she emphasized that for the safety of Ukrainian soldiers, she will not name these settlements. 

Russia's war against Ukraine 

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale offensive on the territory of Ukraine.

The invaders marched on our country from the east, south and north. 

Ukrainian defenders expelled the occupiers from the north and the Kharkiv region.

Currently, a counteroffensive is underway in the southern direction.

There, the Russians want to create the illusion of a retreat, to trap the Ukrainian Defense Forces. 

The Russian occupiers are once again preparing bloody provocations in the Kherson region.

This time, they plan to fire at residential areas of the region to blame it on the Armed Forces.

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