Wladimir Shantsev


Anna Krasulina were

elected as deputies of the chairman of the UHP


The congress elected a new composition of the party's Politrada and the National Committee.

Gennadz Ananiev

became the chairman of the Central Control and Audit Commission (CCRK)

, the press service of the UGP reported.

The members of the Ukrainian Communist Party also adopted a resolution called "Stop the repression, free the people!"

The text of the resolution states that at the time of the Congress, more than 1,300 people in Belarus are recognized as political prisoners, 13 members of the party are behind bars, including its chairman

Mikalai Kozlov

and his deputy

Aleksandar Kabanov


"The Congress of the United Civil Party calls on the country's authorities to abandon repression against citizens of Belarus who disagree with the policies pursued by the state, citizens who are in favor of holding fair, free elections in Belarus, who oppose the war, suggests following the example of Kazakhstan and release all Belarusian citizens, without exception, detained or convicted on political grounds, calls on the international community to seek the release of political prisoners and an end to repression in Belarus, calls on Belarus to stop complicity in Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine."

UGP is one of the oldest opposition parties in Belarus, it has existed since 1995.

It was in opposition to

Alexander Lukashenko

from the beginning of its existence.

It included Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and ex-Mayor Gennadz


of Molodechny and missing Minister of Internal Affairs

Yury Zakharanka