Due to the infrastructure damaged by Russian shelling and the closure of the "Vorozhba-Bilopillia" race, some trains are delayed and the schedule changed.

This was reported in the evening of Sunday, November 6, in the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Train No. 45 "Kharkiv — Uzhgorod"

is heading via Poltava and Hrebinka via a changed route.

The estimated time of his arrival at the Kyiv-Passenger station is

02:00 on November 7


Delay +3 hours.

Train No. 259 "Sumy — Ivano-Frankivsk"

will also go through Poltava and Hrebinka and take all passengers from Sumy with tickets for trains No. 45 and No. 259 to Kyiv with the possibility of transferring there to other western trains.

The estimated time of his arrival at the Kyiv-Passenger station is

06:00 on November 7


Late +5 hours 

Train No. 780 "Kyiv — Sumy"

goes to Vorozhba station.

Buses will be waiting

for 151 passengers with tickets to Sumy station in Vorozhba


"Ukrzaliznytsia" expressed gratitude for the quick response to the situation of Sumy OVA. 

This train will depart from Vorozhba station at approximately


to Kyiv.

Estimated time of arrival in the capital —

01:00 on November 7


There will be stops at Putivl, Konotop, Bakhmach, Nizhyn, Darnytsia stations for passengers with tickets for trains #45 and #259.

Train No. 805 "Kharkiv — Konotop"

continues to Bilopol'ya station.

On November 7,

this train will depart on the route

Bilopol' — Kharkiv


"Ukrzaliznytsia" reported that all passengers arriving during the curfew will be

accommodated in waiting rooms of increased comfort 

free of charge.

As a reminder, a train will be sent to the liberated Kupyansk of Kharkiv region from November 3.

95% of the road will be covered by a train, and then by a free minibus.

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