The clouds and green mountains and forests in Yushan Tatajia Park are intertwined with a landscape like a landscape painting, which makes people even more curious about the blue hexagonal signs that appear on the trail.

(Picture provided by Yuguan Office)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu / Nantou Report] In the Tataga Park of Yushan National Park, which is 2,610 meters above sea level, recently when people were walking along the trail to enjoy the beautiful scenery, they found that there were hexagonal signs beside the road from time to time, and there was only one above it that looked irregular The pattern of the arrow has no written description, which has attracted the attention of the outside world. What is the meaning or purpose of these mysterious signs?

The Yushan National Park Management Office (referred to as the Yushan Management Office) said that the answer is to represent the public on the "Sacred Mountain Road" of the Shanhaizhen National Greenway, to remind the public to cherish Taiwan's mountains and rivers, culture, ecology, conservation and other resources. Uniquely entertaining.

The Jade Management Office pointed out that following these hexagonal signs in Tataga Park means not only in Yushan National Park, but also on the "Shanhaizhen National Greenway".

"Shanhaizhen National Greenway" is composed of 4 routes, namely "Inland Sea Road", "Dazhen Road", "Original Country Road" and "Sacred Mountain Road", with a total of 31 sections, connecting the ancient Tai River in series. The sea, Jianan Dazhen, Alishan and Yushan, the highest peak in Taiwan, have a total length of 177 kilometers. Therefore, the arrow-like pattern on the card represents the meaning of "from the sea along the river (Shenzhen) to the mountain", which also makes people realize feeling.

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The hexagonal sign has two colors. The green background sign indicates that the direction of travel is from sea, river (Shenzhen) to the mountain, and the blue background indicates the reverse direction from mountain, river (Shenzhen) to the sea. Walking along the signs in the Yushan Tataga Park means that the "Road to the Holy Mountain" is slowly unfolding under the feet, and it also provides a new path for the public to explore the appearance of Yushan and challenge themselves.

The Jade Management Office said that, in fact, the Shanhaizhen National Greenway is also a cultural path that traces the origin of the country. People can choose to experience different modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling, car or yacht, from the Kaitai Inland Sea to the Holy Mountain of Protecting the Country and the Northeast of Taiwan. The first peak in Asia, Yushan, with an altitude of just 0 to 3952 meters, passes through 3 national scenic spots including Yunjianan, Siraya and Alishan; 2 national parks including Yushan and Taijiang; Wushantou, Zengwen 2 reservoirs, as well as 4 major river basins including Yanshui River, Zengwen River, Gaoping River and Zhuoshui River, which also contain different types of climate, animal and plant ecology. The four major cultural life circles, including the Bunun, are worth visiting.

A green hexagonal sign with a seemingly irregular arrow pattern appeared on the trail in Yushan Tatajia Park, which attracted the attention of the outside world.

(Picture provided by Yuguan Office)