DPP mayoral candidate Zheng Yunpeng's spokesman Huang Weijun and Lin Yunfan held a press conference, criticizing Zhang Shanzheng and the party that cheated and sold counterfeit drugs for being too close and frequently participating in economic party activities, but the statement changed again and again.

(Photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong / Taoyuan Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng was kicked out as the honorary general counselor of the Economics Party, who was suspected of selling counterfeit drugs. Zheng Yunpeng, the DPP mayoral candidate, held a press conference today to criticize Zhang Shanzheng. He has had a close relationship with the political parties that cheat and sell counterfeit medicines, and frequently participates in the activities of the Economic Party, but his statement has changed again and again. Does it mean that citizens' property and health are as unimportant as a piece of paper?

Zheng Yunpeng's competition office spokesman Huang Weijun and Lin Yunfan held a press conference today, "Do you have any questions? Don't hide Zhang Shanzheng!" After breaking the news of selling counterfeit medicines, Zhang Shanzheng claimed that his appointment as a consultant was just a piece of favoritism for a scholar, but Zhang Shanzheng's explanation changed again and again. Does it mean that citizens' property and health are as unimportant as a piece of paper?

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Huang Weijun also mentioned that Zhang Shanzheng has a close relationship with these groups that deceive and sell counterfeit medicines. Why can't the most basic judgment and verification be done?

Is Zhang Shanzheng's so-called science and technology experts all fake?

In the future, if you really enter the municipal government and encounter related frauds, seeing that Zhang Shanzheng is the gatekeeper of these groups, what should these civil servants do?

Could it be that what Zhang Shanzheng called an "international science and technology city" was to turn Taoyuan into an "international fraud city" and an "international counterfeit medicine city"?

Huang Weijun also mentioned that the "Urban and Rural Intelligence Summit Forum" organized by the Economic Party was not sponsored by the Taoyuan City Government, and the funds applied for by the club activities and the activities actually held were completely different. In the face of such fraudulent behavior, the Taoyuan City Government immediately When the subsidy to the group was withdrawn, Zhang Shanzheng's team couldn't even do the most basic verification.

Lin Yunfan said that Zhang Shanzheng once said that he was the only person who could bring a big technology company to Taoyuan, but in 2016, when Zhang Shanzheng was questioned by former legislator Chen Lai Sumei, he directly said, "I don't know much about Taoyuan's industry." Completely slapped himself and boasted. Zhang Shanzheng has worked in Longtan for 12 years, but he has no idea that Taoyuan has long been a major technology town where many world-class manufacturers have settled in. TSMC has set up factories in Longtan, ASUS in Luzhu, and Delta Electric in Guishan. , The words and deeds before and after the election are inconsistent, the words are constantly changing, and the contradictory words and deeds are incredible.