Military expert Oleg Zhdanov analyzed whether the Russian invaders can reach the Dnipro and seize this city.

"These are plans (regarding the capture of the Dnipro. - Ed.). There is such an expression - ``Napoleonic plans.'' These are the plans that can never be implemented. Recently, we voiced the plans of the Russian Federation to assemble a group of troops and reach Moldova, capturing Mykolaiv at the same time and Odessa. Yes, Russia has returned to strategic plans. Putin plans to gather 1.2 million mobilized people," he noted

Zhdanov reminded that even the number of Russian conscripts "captured" by the military commissars, the command has nothing to feed and normal clothes to wear.

"Putin has not removed the plan of full political occupation of Ukraine from the agenda. And he still wants to organize the negotiation process in the context of the subjugation of Ukraine," the expert says.

The military expert is certain that there is no threat to any more or less large district center as of today.

"Perhaps they will be able to capture some small settlements, but it will be temporary, or it will not work at all," concluded Zhdanov.

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon stated that the Armed Forces are capable of liberating Kherson and the region.

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