Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained that to capture cities of millions, such as Kyiv or Kharkiv, at least half a million Russian invaders are needed - just for one city. 

Zhdanov told about this in his video blog, answering the audience's questions.

"To capture cities of millions, you need a very large group, very. I think that the minimum is

about half a million or more

people per city. You can try with smaller forces, but then there is no guarantee of success at all," said the military expert.

He explained that in

order to capture the urban agglomeration, it must be surrounded


In this context, Zhdanov gave examples of how and with what losses the occupiers captured cities with a population of less than a million.

"They stormed Severodonetsk for three months. Street battles are the most difficult battles. Remember how many Russian troops we put in Mariupol. While our valiant Azov regiment, together with other Defense Forces, defended Mariupol and gradually retreated to the Azovstal plant,

we put there about 10,000

Russian servicemen. We completely killed the special forces brigade of the GRU of the Russian army there. We killed the 810th Sevastopol marine brigade there: it lay almost completely there. We almost completely put the 150th motorized rifle division there - the best and most modern division of the armed forces Russian Federation. This is what it is to storm head-on," the military expert said.

"Now imagine a city of a million people.

If we say that Kyiv

is about 30 kilometers in diameter, then the perimeter of the city limits is more than 100 kilometers. The city must be surrounded and completely deprived of support. And this is the only way to storm it. Therefore, the group troops should be half a million - that's at least," Zhdanov explained.

We will remind, commenting on the threat of a repeated attack on Kyiv, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said that if Russian troops prepare an offensive from Belarus, it will not come as a surprise.

The Armed Forces are doing everything possible to resist a new probable attempt to attack Kyiv.

And in order to attack Ukraine from Belarus, the invaders need to create a group of 100,000 soldiers with equipment.

Today, the Russian Federation does not have the appropriate resources, so it is not worth waiting for an escalation in the next three to five months, believes Oleksandr Alesin, a military analyst from Belarus.

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