The United Nations troops stationed in Cyprus to maintain peace on the island (UNFIKIP) have decided to increase patrolling along the Green Line - the island's buffer zone - following a series of incidents, UNFIKIP said on its Twitter page.

The reason for the decision is the frequent attempts of the Turkish military in recent days to chase Greek farmers working in farms in the neutral zone of the island controlled by the World Organization.

On October 25, Turkish soldiers forced a villager to leave the green line in the area of ​​the village of Denia.

UN peacekeepers did not prevent them.

At the same time, UN peacekeepers prevented a similar attempt by the Turkish military near the village of Astromeritis and stood in defense of the farmer.

Cyprus has been divided into two parts since 1974, when the Turkish army invaded the north of the island in response to a coup d'état aimed at annexing the Mediterranean island to Greece.

In 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was proclaimed in the northern part of the island, which remains unrecognized by the international community except for Turkey.

Erdogan: Turkey has deployed combat drones in Northern Cyprus

Last year, the Republic of Cyprus signed a contract to establish an Israeli surveillance system on the Green Line, which divides the island in two after the Turkish invasion of 1974, BTA recalled.