The Congressional Democratic Progressive Party group called on Zhang Shanzheng to apologize for the people who were defrauded by the Economic Party, while the Zhang camp responded that the chairman of the Economic Party, Zhang Caiming, held an event two weeks ago.

(Provided by Zhang Shanzheng's campaign headquarters)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] The Legislative Yuan's Democratic Progressive Party Group held a press conference today and pointed out that the Kuomintang Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng used to be the honorary general counsel of the Economic Party who was pro-China and involved in illegally selling counterfeit medicines. The video of his attendance at the Economic Party meeting was also exposed. Obviously there is a relationship that cannot be cut, so he dared not condemn the illegal behavior and called on him to apologize to the victim.

Zhang Shanzheng's competition office spokesman Zeng Junhao responded that Taoyuan City Government invited Zhang Caiming, chairman of the Economic Party, to attend the "Smart Health Summit Forum" two weeks ago, and Zheng Yunpeng's competition director was also on stage. should apologise?

Or when you meet your own people, you have to double standards and not look back?

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Zeng Junhao said that Zheng Yunpeng could even abandon the value defended by the DPP in order to earn renminbi while fighting against China's Taiwan protection. When doing business, which officials do you come into contact with?

Is it possible to exchange for the opportunity to interact with the status of the outgoing DPP legislator?

Zeng Junhao mentioned that in order to save the election situation, the DPP, Zheng Wencan and Zheng Yunpeng even smeared and maliciously linked the political party exchange activities in 2019. Now it has been revealed that Zheng Wencan and Zheng Yunpeng's team also have a relationship with the so-called "pro-small party" economic party. At the intersection, the time was still two weeks ago. According to his standards, is Zheng Wencan the red door god?