Huang Shanshan, a candidate for mayor of Taipei without a party membership, held a forum on healthy city policy, and was interviewed by the media after the meeting.

(Photo by reporter Tian Yuhua)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Zhao Shaokang, chairman of the Kuomintang Zhongguang Group, proposed an alternative blue and white combination of "abandoning Taipei and preserving Hsinchu", which made the non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan angrily denounced it as "naked political division of the spoils", and today he even slammed the Kuomintang candidate Jiang Wan'an has remained silent so far, which is equivalent to acquiescing to Zhao Shaokang's remarks, questioning that Jiang can become mayor through political exchange without effort and even if he has no ability. "Can citizens' rights be exchanged politically?"

Zhao Shaokang publicly stated a few days ago that poll results show that if the "non-green camp" splits, both the KMT and the KMT will suffer. Mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan can be safely elected to waive the bail claim.

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Huang Shanshan fired Zhao Shaokang again during an interview after the political opinion presentation today, criticizing the "problematic people" only to blatantly divide the spoils in politics, and even named Jiang Wanan if he did not agree with this remark, he should come out and condemn such low-level political operations, but Jiang still remains to this day. Silence is like acquiescing to Zhao Shaokang's remarks.

Huang Shanshan emphasized that anyone who does political operations should take relevant political responsibilities. After 8 years in Taipei City, it has been proved that the middle voters have abandoned the blue and green, but now Zhao Shaokang is like going back 30 years ago, asking everyone to follow the party's will and carry out big political smashing. , even more blatantly and openly clamoring, asking Jiang Wanan if he agrees, it is equivalent to declaring that without effort, even if he has no ability, he can become mayor in political exchange, and in the future, even if he is mayor, he will exchange many things in exchange, "Can citizens' rights be exchanged for politics? ?"