Zeng Congkai (middle) and Shen Suzheng (right), candidates for the Nantou County Council of the Democratic Progressive Party, offered 100,000 yuan in anti-bribery bonuses to encourage the public to actively report suspected bribery information to prosecutors.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Nantou Report] DPP Nantou County Councillor candidates Zeng Congkai and Shen Suzheng jointly held a press conference today, saying that as Nantou County is getting closer to the polling day, rumors of bribery to buy votes are rampant, and even the highest vote The market price has reached 5,000 yuan, which is beyond shocking. It also seriously doubts that it has something to do with the bad example of the Kuomintang county magistrate Lin Mingqin and the county magistrate candidate Xu Shuhua's "false gratitude, true auxiliary election" forum. "No", let's do our best to purify and choose the wind.

Zeng Congkai said that since last week, Lin Mingqin's symposiums on "false gratitude and real support elections" were successively exploded. He was suspected of tying stakes and fixing votes for Xu Shuhua by giving away exquisite instant noodle bowls, and the amount was more than 300 yuan. Is it involved in election bribery?

After the Nantou District Prosecutor's Office opened a case for in-depth investigation, the election style in the county has become unclean. A few days ago in Mingjian Township, it was also reported that two village head candidates and more than 50 villagers were investigated for suspected election bribery. The interviews made Nantou one of the few counties and cities involved in serious election bribery among the 22 counties and cities. The point is that the current county magistrate also took the lead in being suspected of election bribery. Choose the wind.

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Shen Suzheng further pointed out that Mingjian Township has always been a holy land of democracy in Nantou County. The villagers are well-known for their democratic literacy. However, in recent years, due to certain candidates, suspected of being suspected of bribery, the entire Mingjian Township has been corrupted. , Village neighbors say that if they don’t buy tickets, they will lose the election, but everyone should know that candidates who buy tickets before the election will definitely have A banknotes after the election. Otherwise, how will the money for the tickets be returned?

Nantou has already produced a corrupt county magistrate who was sentenced to 450 years in prison. I believe that everyone will not want the candidates they elected to become corrupt chiefs or people's representatives, so we must put an end to this kind of behavior.

Zeng Congkai and Shen Suzheng appealed to the folks in Nantou. There are rumors about the amount of votes purchased. The highest vote has been shouted at 5,000 yuan, and most of them are the five-in-one election of county governor, county councilor, township mayor and representatives, and village chief. As long as the public is willing to help collect evidence and provide it to the prosecuting unit, and as long as the case is investigated, they will have the opportunity to receive an anti-bribery bonus of 50,000 yuan, which is far higher than the current amount of election bribery.

Due to the serious situation of bribery and bribery in Mingjian Township, as long as the villagers help to provide direct evidence of election bribery, after being prosecuted by the Prosecution and Investigation Office, in addition to the statutory anti-bribery bonus, there are also companies that are willing to provide an additional 100,000 yuan for reporting bonuses. The villagers worked together to seize election bribery, so that Nantou would not become a laughing stock in everyone’s mouths because of election bribery and corruption.

The Nantou County Government said that the county magistrate Lin Mingqin had explained his resignation thanksgiving briefing before. It was to express gratitude to the county residents and report their political achievements. Candidates from all parties can come to participate. At the same time, it does not agree with such election slogans.