Chen Xuesheng, the convener of the Education, Culture and Sports Group of the Kuomintang.

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[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] In response to the director of the Palace Museum, Wu Micha, who insisted not to renew the contract for the storage of cultural relics at the Lanqianshan Museum, the Kuomintang think tank questioned today whether the Palace Museum used the lack of space as an excuse to superficialize the orientation of Taiwan's truly high-quality local culture?

It also suggested that the Legislative Yuan freeze the relevant part of the budget of the Forbidden City, and asked the Forbidden City to suspend the return before a complete storage plan was proposed.

Chen Xuesheng, the convener of the Education, Culture and Sports Group, pointed out that according to insiders of the Forbidden City, Lin Boshou of Banqiao Lin, who stored the cultural relics in the Lanqianshan Museum, provided 1 million yuan for the operation of the Forbidden City. Returning the interest to the Lin family, it seems that he is determined to abolish the cultural relics of the Lanqianshan Museum. He questioned, what kind of hatred does Wu Micha have to treat the Lin family in such a rude way?

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Chen Xuesheng further pointed out that the 111-year budget of the Forbidden City included 8 million yuan for special exhibitions such as "Lanqianshan Museum of Calligraphy and Painting", and the special exhibition was expected to be displayed from October to December this year, but was later adjusted to "Writing Prosperous". "Wang Shizhen, a Cultural Man of the Late Ming Dynasty and His Career" special exhibition, even removed the cultural relics from the Lanqianshan Museum in the middle of the exhibition, which is obviously contempt for the Legislative Yuan.

Chen Xuesheng said that the value of the cultural relics in the Lanqianshan Museum is far higher than those of the three damaged porcelains. Wu Micha will never be allowed to act arbitrarily and cheaply to destroy the long-term cornerstone of the Forbidden City. He called on the Legislative Yuan to freeze the relevant part of the budget of the Forbidden City, and did not propose a complete storage plan in the Forbidden City. before the return is suspended.

The Kuomintang think tank pointed out that among the cultural relics stored in the Lanqianshan Museum, the two most important exhibits that are also national treasures are the "Lan Ting" by Chu Suiliang of the Tang Dynasty and the "Thousand-Character Writing" by Huai Su, which are still in the "Thousand Characters" in the North Courtyard of the Forbidden City. The “Writing Prosperity” special exhibition will be on display. The special exhibition will expire in March next year, but the list of exhibits indicates that the exhibits will be replaced by the end of December, which obviously implies that the cultural relics in the Lanqianshan Museum will be returned to their original owners. The staff were so anxious that they were about to cry. The former director even posted an unprecedented long post on Facebook, explaining the ins and outs. The calligraphy and painting circles were also quite shocked. They all said that they had never seen such an amazing move by a curator to drive the pavilion out. I hope Wu Micha took his life back.