Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed the opinion that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

The British politician said this in an interview with Sky News.

"I don't think he (Putin - ed.) will do it,

he would be crazy if he did it

," Johnson said.

He added that a nuclear strike in Ukraine would mean "the immediate exit of Russia from the club of civilized nations."

Johnson also called a nuclear strike on Ukraine a "complete disaster" for the Russian Federation.

In this case, Russia would find itself in a "cryogenic economic freeze", and Putin "would lose a significant part of the global tacit support that he had before."

"Many people want to give Putin some credibility. This will not happen as soon as he does something like this. He will also

significantly lose the patronage of the Chinese

. And in his own country, I think, he will cause an absolutely hysterical reaction," said the ex-prime minister of Britain.

He said that Western countries and NATO "have many options" to respond to a Russian nuclear strike.

However, Johnson believes that it is "very, very, very, very unlikely that this (a nuclear strike by the Russian Federation - ed.) will come to that."

The politician also expressed his belief that

Ukraine will "absolutely inevitably" win the war

with Russia.

And Britain should continue to support Ukraine.

Russia's nuclear threats

Russia constantly threatens to use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine from the mouths of various mouthpieces of the Kremlin authorities and the dictator Putin himself.

At the same time, the Russian Federation periodically assures that they do not plan to launch a nuclear strike.

What's more, they began to accuse Ukraine of manufacturing a "dirty bomb".

Thus, Putin recently declared that Russia allegedly does not need a "nuclear strike on Ukraine" and once again accused Kyiv of creating a "dirty bomb."

US President Joe Biden questioned the sincerity of Putin's statements that he has no intention of using nuclear or chemical weapons in Ukraine.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, publicly appealed to the leadership of Russia with a warning that if nuclear components are used in the war against Ukraine, there will be a serious response from the world.

At the same time, according to the Pentagon, there are currently no signs that Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons or a "dirty bomb."

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