Serhii Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk OVA, said that 9 settlements have already been liberated by the Armed Forces of the Luhansk region. 

He said this on October 31 on the telethon. 

"Today, nine settlements have been deoccupied. I hope that our defenders will increase this number every week," Gaidai emphasized. 

The head of the Luhansk OVA added that the Russian occupiers are constantly shelling the liberated settlements of the Luhansk region and are trying to attack the Armed Forces in the Bilogorivka area.

The situation in the direction of Svatovo and Kreminnaya is also difficult. 

Ukraine is evacuating local residents from the liberated Nevsky, because the Russians are shelling the population centers with "Hrads". 

Liberation of Luhansk region from the Russian occupiers 

At the beginning of October, Gaidai announced that the Armed Forces had liberated 6 settlements in Luhansk region.

The names of these settlements have not yet been disclosed so that the Ukrainian military can safely establish themselves there.

After all, the Russians, after the official notices of liberation, erase these settlements from the face of the earth.

Fierce fighting is also ongoing in the Luhansk region in the Svatovo region.

The Russian occupiers began to destroy bridges and actively conduct reconnaissance.

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