178 Hirokazu Tanaka gathered together to challenge the Guinness world record three times and finally won the world number one.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Guinness World Records has recorded many interesting projects. A few days ago, a group of people named Tanaka Hirokazu in Tokyo, Japan challenged the record for the most gatherings with the same name. With great fanfare, he finally broke the 164th Guinness world record set by American Martha Stewart in 2005.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a party was held in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on the 29th to break the Guinness World Record. 178 people with the same name and the same name as Tanaka Hirokazu attended the event, and finally rewritten the American Martha Stuart. Hua set a record of 164 in 2005.

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53-year-old Tanaka Hirokazu said that in 2010, he applied to the Guinness World Records headquarters for the first time. After Hirokazu Tanaka, Guinness World Records informed that there was a Martha Stewart record as early as 2005.

Then, when he challenged again in 2017, he happened to encounter a typhoon. Only 87 Tanaka Hirokazu were present. He wanted to challenge three times in 2020, but he gave up because of the epidemic.

The rules of the world record holder can be challenged as long as the homonym is the same, but in the past, Tanaka Hirokazu used kanji Hirokazu as the benchmark for the challenge in 2011 and 2017.

Tanaka Hirokazu, the oldest at the party on the 29th, said that he must become the world's number one while he is alive, so he can contribute to the relaxation of the conditions as long as the pronunciation is the same.

In the end, he won the world record with the 178th place Hirokazu Tanaka.