The Russian army continues to shell the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, and therefore this winter promises to be quite difficult for Ukrainians.

Everyone was already thinking about purchasing additional heating devices.

In particular, electric sheets have gained wide popularity.

What is an electric sheet

When the room is cold and you don't have devices that can heat the entire room, an electric blanket will come to your rescue.

It works on electricity, but the consumption is small (approximately like one light bulb - 60-100W), so it can be used even during light saving.

Special elements are sewn inside the electric sheet.

They heat up, thanks to which a person under such a sheet becomes quite warm.

Most models are equipped with switches for using various modes.

Electric sheets can heat only the bed on which a person is lying.

They are made of synthetic or natural fabrics that retain heat well.

The size should be selected for your bed.

In some versions, it is possible to heat only certain parts of the electric sheet or use a timer.

Why not everyone should buy an electric sheet: what is the danger

The main danger lies precisely in the fact that such a sheet works on electricity.

Therefore, the choice of an electric shaver should be approached with all responsibility so as not to harm yourself or burn down the house.

Therefore, pay special attention to the manufacturer, materials, etc.

In addition, it is important to note that the

electric sheet is not suitable for everyone


There are a few rules to keep in mind.

As the family doctor and pediatrician of the "Dobrobut" medical center Anna Serova


to the "ProGrosha" publication, it

is not recommended for children under the age of 5 to use electric

sheets .

The reason is quite simple - at this age, children may not be able to reach the potty, and if they sleep in a diaper, it may leak.

The combination of moisture + electricity is always dangerous and undesirable.

There is another reason.

According to the doctor, children's skin is very thin, and therefore it is very easy to overheat it.

Body temperature during sleep is not controlled.

When a child falls asleep, he cannot monitor safety and comfort as adults do.

Therefore, there is always a risk of burns.

Even for donkeys, it is not recommended to sleep all night with the electric sheet on.

It is better to heat the bed to a comfortable temperature and then turn off the device.

Oncological diseases

, especially breast cancer,

are also contraindications to the use of electric sheets.

With some diseases, problems with the lymph nodes appear and it is not desirable to heat them.

It is better not to sleep under an electric sheet for people with


or those who have a tendency to

increase pressure


Pregnant women should

consult a gynecologist before using the device.

If you are sure that you have no contraindications, you need to remember how to use the electric sheet correctly.

Pay close attention to wires, cords and those elements that heat up.

Keep pets away from these items, as they can gnaw or bend the wires.

The product cannot be ironed either.

When the electric sheet is turned on, do not additionally use heaters or bottles with warm water.

Recently, there have been constant power outages.

Therefore, it is not necessary to turn on the electric sheet in the network for the whole night.

It can catch fire at the slightest drop.

It is better to connect the device to a power bank.