Overview of the damage of cultural relics in the Forbidden City 3

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] Three national treasures of the Forbidden City were reported to be damaged yesterday. Chen Xuesheng, the convener of the Education, Culture and Sports Group of the Kuomintang think tank, said today that since the Forbidden City was established in 1925, a good system has been formed in the preservation and restoration of cultural relics. It is almost impossible for such a thing to happen, but now there are 3 breakage cases in the same dean's tenure.

Chen Xuesheng suspected that this was a problem with the internal management of the Forbidden City. The director of the Forbidden City, Wu Micha, merged the "Books and Literature Department" and the "Calligraphy and Painting Department" of the Forbidden City into the "Calligraphy and Painting Literature Department", on the grounds that the two departments were responsible for "paper" , the director of the "Utensils Department" was promoted to the deputy director, and because no one in the "Utensils Department" was qualified to serve as the director, the former director of the "Library and Documents Department" was transferred to the "Utensils Department" director. , Wu Micha is so disrespectful of professionalism, it is difficult to guarantee that the same problem will not occur in the future.

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Chen Xuesheng pointed out that what is even more worrying is that the most important deposit in the Forbidden City, "Lanqianshan Pavilion" cultural relics will no longer be renewed. "Lan" refers to Tang Chu Suiliang's yellow silk orchid pavilion, and "qian" is Tang Huaisu's small grass thousand characters. The text is extremely precious. Any of these stored cultural relics may be worth hundreds of millions of yuan. From the standpoint of the museum, it is unbelievable, but the president of the Forbidden City said that if you don’t want it, you don’t want it. .

Chen Xuesheng further stated that the storage of the cultural relics of the "Lanqianshan Museum" was originally signed by the former director Qin Xiaoyi and the owner of the cultural relic, Lin Boshou. It will damage the integrity and reputation of the Forbidden City, and once these precious cultural relics are returned to the descendants of Lin Boshou, can they find a safer and more reliable storage place than the Forbidden City?

Chen Xuesheng questioned that all the major policies of the Forbidden City, such as the establishment of the South Campus or the overseas exhibition of cultural relics, should be decided by the Palace Museum Steering Committee, which, in addition to the president, also includes several heads of important ministries and heavyweights in the arts and culture circles, "Lan Qian. A matter as important as the no longer renewing the contract for the "mountain hall" cultural relic deposit should be approved by the Steering Committee, and the dean will never be allowed to act arbitrarily.

Chen Xuesheng said that colleagues from the "Day Painting Documentation Office" hoped to preserve the cultural relics of the "Lanshan Thousand Museums", and he believed that the vast majority of the public would also support the renewal of the contract. How can you trust Wu Micha with world-class rare and antiquities?