The illegal "management" of the

Zaporizhzhya NPP

continues to demand that workers sign a contract with the Russian company "Rosatom".

After the occupiers created a new company to manage the captured ZNPP, the new "managers" have problems with setting up work.  

This was reported by the Center of National Resistance.

"First of all, the Russians are not able to start the NPP at full capacity. This is also due to the fact that the NPP employees refuse to sign new contracts with Rosatom. Despite the pressure from the occupiers, the staff of the ZNPP monitors the condition of the power units and ensures their operation," says the messages

It is also reported that during the temporary occupation, more than 80% of the civilian population left the city of Energodar, where the NPP is located. 

The Center of National Resistance calls on all citizens in the temporarily occupied territories to leave for the controlled territory of Ukraine. 

Terror of the Russians at the ZNPP

On March 4, the Russian army

captured the town of Energodar

in the Zaporizhia region, later deploying its troops on the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

On August 25, for the first time in history,

the ZNPP was completely disconnected

from the power grid.

Later, the occupiers began to kidnap NPP workers, so

on October 17, the Russians kidnapped

the head of the information technology service and the assistant general director of the station.

According to the data of NAEK "Energoatom", the occupiers

are preparing to flee from Energodar

- they are looting hotels en masse, taking property from there.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,

Russia conducted a rotation at the ZNPP

, and station employees were forbidden to leave the city.

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