The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia Galab Donev

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

Graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia.

and Dimitar Kovachevski start the construction of a part of Corridor number 8 in our southwestern neighbor.

Strategically important, the corridor should connect Italy-Albania-Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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"Today we continue with the realization of the goal of national strategic and international importance for RSM. We note the construction of the eastern part of the railway Corridor number 8 through North Macedonia. Such projects are for future generations and with them RSM is connected to European railway lines and corridors. North Macedonia is a key connection to Europe, to the Adriatic and Black Seas. With such a project, our country is a crossroads in the Balkans. The new railway infrastructure opens up markets for new investments and for new cooperation," said Dimitar Kovacevski - Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and RSM will participate in a ceremony for the first sod of the Kumanovo - Kriva Palanka railway line

"The railway route along Corridor number 8 is important for the countries along its course, both for Bulgaria, for North Macedonia, and for Albania, and it will undoubtedly contribute great added value to the development of our entire region. Over the past 140 years, the realization of the infrastructure and the connectivity underlying today's Corridor No. 8 was the desire of a number of generations on both sides of the border. Corridor No. 8 will provide a key connection between Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania, between the citizens and businesses of the three countries," stressed Gulab Donev

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

Graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia.

- acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The European corridor starts from the Italian port of Brindisi, continues to the Albanian port of Durres-Tirana-Skopje-Kumanovo-Belyakovce-Kriva Palanka-Deve Bair-Guyeshevo-Sofia-Plovdiv-Varna/Burgas.

The project in the Macedonian section has been unrealized for decades, as a railway line is currently being built, and a highway to Bulgaria is planned.

Of the four lots from Skopje to the Bulgarian border, one is currently built, and the funds are from the EU in the amount of several hundred million euros.

The Bulgarian section to the border with the RSM has been built for decades, but is being renovated in several sections.

A new railway line is to be built from Sofia to G├╝eshevo for about BGN 900 million. If it is implemented, the corridor will actually connect the two countries with a much better and faster infrastructure and will drastically reduce the travel time between Sofia and Skopje.

Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia

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